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Monday, May 18, 2009

Who likes Romance of the three kingdoms

I like the Romance of the Three Kingdoms alot and had played many of its game series
I had also created my own online RTK Realm Fight but due to a lack of time, I had to close it
down. I had spent quite alot of effort in the coding part with PHP. What a pity but what the hack,
its ok. Due to work/family time constraint, i had let my online users down. But i will be back "P

That's for sure!! :P

Now im starting this simple blog on Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Well the sad part is that while i am writing this simple blog, i am at the same time decommissioning my registered domains, sob ... sob ..... too much manual work to run my game sites ....... with php, mysql, etc.

Well just a short note here, anyone else interested in RTK games, anything! Do please leave me a message in my new blog here. Or is blogging old fashioned already hahaaa, with the new facebook, and all new stuffs out there in the net...... phew .... talk about the net,,, so HUGE!

") See ya around....

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